Refinance Appraisal Vs. Purchase Appraisal

Refinance Appraisal Vs. Purchase Appraisal A professional estimate of your home’s value can show the lender that you won’t be borrowing more money than the property is worth. Many homeowners are not aware that they will likely need a new appraisal before they can refinance their mortgage. Let’s go over some differences between a refinance


Full Appraisal Vs. Drive By Appraisal

What is the difference between a Full Appraisal and a Drive-By Appraisal? April 24, 2020 We are often asked the difference between a drive-by appraisal and a full appraisal (with no interior inspection, using photos and data from the homeowner and/or realtor). Especially during this time when interior inspections cannot be conducted due to COVID-19,


Who is the client?

Can I have a copy of the appraisal report, please? 17-Feb-2016 Written by: Adam Lawrenson, AACI We are often asked if we can send a copy of an appraisal report to a specific individual. It seems like a reasonable request, especially if the individual has paid for the appraisal; however, it is not as simple as one would


Can I have a Letter of Transmittal….please?

Hello, Can I please have a Letter of Transmittal? In the fast-paced mortgage financing industry often an appraisal is rushed and once the value, condition, marketability and remaining economic life are confirmed, the appraisal may be shopped with different lenders. In some cases, the report will be sent to lender A and soon after, a